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Ok so yesterday I had my glucose test. My midwife came around 9am and Andrew made us omlets while she did the finger prick thing. My fasting blood reading was 79. Then we ate breakfast and she told me I needed to have something with sugar in it so I had a glass of cranberry juice but she said that wasn't enough. So, after an omlet and a half a bagel I had to eat a bowl of cinnimon toast crunch.  It was the thing I had with the most sugar in it at my house. Boy was I full after all that!!! After I finished, we went for a walk down by the Marina and walked the small beach they have down there. Then we came back, chatted for a while and then she did the prick again (2 hours after eating). My readinng after 2 hours read 84. I guess to be high it has to be 140 or over. So I passed with flying colors!!! :) Yay! Also my blood pressure was perfect and my pulse and the baby was measuring 27 inches (just entered week 28 which is fine).

It was good cause I got to ask her a lot of questions about the birth and all that. She says I don't really need a birth plan because I can basically do anything I want as I feel neccessary. She said birth plans are good when you go to the hospital cause you want to tell ) them what you don't want them to do. She said that basically after I go into labor I am the queen and everyone should be doing stuff for me so I basically get what I want :) Thats not always a bad thing! Also, its looking like my insurance is covering most if not all of the midwife fees! Wahooo!!!! Thats some money back in my pocket which is good. She can't come any later than the 31st thogh (which would be 2 weeks late...i'm hoping I wouldn't be that late).

Anywho...been thinking about Christmas and Thanksgiving and whats going on for those holidays. I just know that I want to stay around here for Christmas (obviously) cause I don't  think i'll be wanting to take a 2 week old to Block Island. I'll be needing my rest. I don't mind traveling other places in RI though. Hopefully we will be able to figure everything out.

Anyway, I have rambled to much. Time to start laundry and figure out the day. I'm doing pretty well these past couple days (knock on wood). My knitting is keeping me pretty busy.


Re: :)

Thanks! Hope your doing well. We should plan a get together soon.