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I had my first ever Dermatologist appointment today. It was weird. The doctor (a woman) was very very nice. However when we were talking about moles and she was checking all of the ones I had from head to toe she told me that she "loves moles." She really liked the one I had in my belly button because it was unique and she had never seen one there before. I guess she is in the right line of work if she "loves moles" ha ha. Anyway, I had a mole that had been bothering me and I wanted to get it checked out cause it was hurting me. I wasn't sure if it was just cause it was in an area that was being streched from my belly getting bigger or it was an acutal problem. However, she looked at it and told me that she could take it off and it didn't look like anything to worry about. She was just taking it off cause it was bothering me. However, she is going to biopsy it just to make sure. I totally did not think that even if she was going to remove it she would do it the first time I came in. But, she did. It didn't take long. She just gave me a shot of novacane. She said it was perfectly safe to have it during pregnancy and not to worry so I trusted her. Ironically the only part of the procedure that hurt was the shot of novacane. Also she told me that the dry spot I had on my head was cradle cap...there is no real way to treat it especially when pregnant. I just need to buy something with tea tree oil in it.

So today I have my first prenatal Yoga class. I hope it goes well cause it cost a lot. It's an 8 week session which will bring me to the end of November. Yoga will be interesting at pretty much 9 months pregnant. Hopefully I'll be able to move at that point.

Anywho. I'll post tomorrow about how Yoga was. Now its off to the grocery store.


I am glad that she agreed that the novocaine is safe since I had to get a filling when I was pregnant (and Amelia did in fact turn out just fine). Have fun at yoga.