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Sep. 23rd, 2008



Had my glucose test today. Everything is fine...i'll post more about my appointment tomorrow as I am very tired but I thought I would send a quick post of the knitting I am working on.

Still doing the blanket. Its getting pretty big!

Here is a pic of it.

Here are the booties i'm making! I only made one so far!

anyway. Tired. will post tomorrow.


Sep. 16th, 2008


(no subject)

Ok it's almost 10. I really need to get my butt moving! However, not sure what I am going to do today. I think our agent sent us a list of houses to look at...hopefully there are some good ones there. We really need to get a move on this house thing. However, every day I say that we need to go to drive and look at houses "its not the right day." When is the right day? *sigh* At least its cool out today. I have to go for my walk but I have to wait for Andrew to get back from his appointment because i am "Phone Girl" until he returns.

Knitting Update: I have actually made about 6 inches of my baby blanket already! Wahoo! My mom helped me the other day and I really got some good practice in. I decided to start over from the one I started the other day cause I kept forgetting the pattern and messing up. So, I switched to a Knit 3 Purl 3 pattern which is turning out quite nice. I have messed up many times but you can't really tell too much because of the pattern I chose to do. I also decided to make the blanket striped. It is Pink and White striped. about an inch and a half of each color alternating. I'll probably try something more complicated after i'm done with this blanket. I also want to make another blanket with softer yarn. I don't really like the feel of acrilyc yarn.

Anywho, still have not found my innerself quite yet but i'm feeling I might possibly be breaking out of my shell but who knows. Only time will tell. It takes time. Also, i'm 27 weeks today! 13 more weeks till my due date! Thats crazy! Time is flying yet going by slow if that makes any sense.

If you understand you understand...if you don't you don't!

Sep. 12th, 2008


Feeling eh....

Agh. Down again today for no reason. I hate when I feel this way. There is noi really way to make me feel better. It usually just goes away on its own. I know its because of the hormones cause this happened frequently when I was going through puberty. I'm not feeling the way in which I just want to sleep all day (which is good). I just feel like there is that pit at the bottom of my stomach and I don't know why its there. I'm trying to clean my house to make me feel better (not really working at the moment). Hopefully I won't feel like this all day. Its sooo annoying!

I guess the one thing that really is bothering me is the fact that I don't have a job and I feel that i'm not contributing financially to my soon to be family. I have some money saved but I feel that i'm just taking from it and not giving back to it. I wish there was a way I could make money from home. Right now I feel like a bum. I don't have much to do during the day except clean the house. If I go out, I end up spending money which is not something I should be doing right now. *sigh* at least the weekend is pretty much here and hopefully i'll get to spend some time with Andrew which would make me happy. Also, looking at houses will be fun.

There is my vent. It was nice to get it off my chest. Probably not too interesting to read though.

Also, if anyone has any ideas on what I should incude in my baby registry let me know. I still have to make one. Hoping I will have a shower at the end of October sometime...although I don't have much control over that :) I don't mind though...

Sep. 10th, 2008


(no subject)

Wow, its wednesday already? Boy the time seems to be flying. Fall is just around the corner! I have never looked forward to fall in my life. But, this year, I can't wait for it to come! I am hating the heat at the moment. At least its still cool when I go for my walks in the morning. I'm wondering if a mile a day is a good amount to walk or if I should walk more...hmmm. I've doing very well with getting to do it every day which is a plus. Starting to think that I should talk to my midwife about a birth plan. I havn't really thought about it too much yet but as next week is the beginning of my 3rd trimester, I should probably write some stuff down and discuss it with my midwife when she comes to do my glucose test at the end of this month.

I know I'm doing the water birth...I definately need to come up with some kind of a soundtrack that will be appropriate. I don't know if I should put all relaxing songs on there or if I should add some upbeat ones to keep me motivated. Mabye I will make 2 cds. A calm one and a upbeat one so then I can switch them if need be. I know one of the songs that I definitaly want on there....its that song by the band Live I forget what its called "rolling thunder?" I think thats it...or something like that. Maybe its called "circle of life"?NOT THE ELTON JOHN ONE!!! I love Elton John and I like that song but I don't really want to picture the lion king when i'm having my baby.

Anywho. Any input on ideas of things I should include in my birthplan or things I should take into consideration would be much appreicated.

Today, I get to pack some stuff up! I think we might look at some short sale houses sometime soon. If we don't get a move on then we may not be out of this place by the end of october like we wanted. I really hope we are. I want to start shopping for nursery furniture and stuff!!

Sep. 8th, 2008


(no subject)

I think i'm gonna make Fajitas for dinner...but that would involve getting up and i'm kinda feeling a little sick to my stomach. Probably cause i'm just hungry. Damn I wish I could cook sitting down.

(no subject)

Here is my 19 week Ultrasound

26 weeks (taken today)

Another 26 week one.

I feel huge but I know I will be getting much bigger! :)


(no subject)

Ok. Getting ready to start the day. Just woke up. Hmm what shall I do today? I  have found if I don't have a plan I have a worse day cause I feel really bored and useless. I think today i'll try to pack some stuff in boxes (even though we don't know exactly when we will find a house) although I know I won't want to do it in a month or so so I might as well get started. I also have some stuff to return to Old Navy. I think i'll have an egg sandwich for breakfast and go for my walk first.

Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks although I thought that I switched over on a Sunday it turns out I switch on a Tuesday. Not that it really matters that much. I'll put up belly pictures today or tomorrow. Looks like its shaping up to be a nice day outside. Not a cloud in the sky! Hmm maybe i'll get my last bit of tanning in before summer is over. That might be good. I'm starting to fade as it is (:

Well, I guess thats it for now. Oh and if you are interested my wonderful granmother send me a link to a cute kitten video if your into that sort of think. :0 enjoy!


Sep. 7th, 2008


(no subject)

So tired today. Each time i woke up to pee last night i went back to sleep and had a bad dream. That makes for like 4 bad dreams. Arg. Makes me not even want to go to bed. I hope I have good dreams tonight...I gotta clean my house today and hopefully do a little big of packing some stuff up. We finally have a real estate agent so hopefully the house situation will be underway soon. I can't wait to get a house so I can start decorating the nusery.

My dad has a crib he wants to give me. However, i kind of wanted to do the room in all white furniture...I guess I could always paint it. However, I would be afraid the paint would chip off and the baby would eat it...should I take the free crib and just appreciate it? Or should I buy one that matches the rest of the furniture that I will get. Even if I get brown furniture it probably won't match exactly...oh well I guess the baby won't care. 

We still have to decide on a paint color for the nursery too...i'm thinking some kind of aqua sea foam color....at least thats what Andrew likes and I think it sounds good too. This girl will be pinked out as it is. Might as well have a non pink wall color. Also, if we get s surprise and its a boy, he won't have a pink room to deal with. However, real men wear pink so...who knows maybe he would like it :)

Thats all for now folks. Hopefully I wake up soon. I had a cup of coffee...didn't seem to help too much. Ok getting off my butt now.

Sep. 6th, 2008



Why the heck is it so damn hot today? The sun isn't even shining and i'm sitting in an apartment that is 83 degrees! I'd put on my A/C but its barely even strong enough to make it to the living room! I could go for some ice cream right now....yum ice cream.

Ugh. I bought a "how to knit" book...which I knew how to straight knit but I forgot how to do the purling and I don't know how to do anything else. So....I want to make a baby blanket but I need to practice first. So far not so good. I keep messing up and its frustrating me beyond belief! I can straight knit and I can straight purl now I just can't do the alternating without screwing something up. I know I should take a class if I really wanna learn but i'd rather save my money and teach myself.

Maybe next time I see my mom she can help me figure it out. :)

Sep. 5th, 2008


Baby update

 Had my midwife appointment on Wednesday. I'm 25 weeks and five days today (Friday). On Wed she measured my belly and I am 25 cm which is exactly what it is supposed to be. Who knew that the centemeters of  the mothers uterus corresponded with the week you were in your pregnancy...I didn't know that. My blood pressure and heart rate are perfect as well as the baby's heartbeat. While we were listening to the heartbeat it all of a sudden it got really really fast which is because she was moving and then it slowed back down again. My Midwife said that that was a really good sign of a healthy baby (that made me happy). My next appointment is in 3 weeks. She is going to come to my house and do my Gestational diabetes test. However, she does the test differently than most doctors. She comes to my house in the A.M. before I eat breakfast. Pricks my finger to take blood, we eat breakfast, then go for a walk, and 2 hours later she takes my blood again. I have to pay $30 for this one and if I took it at my other hospital midwifes office it would be free. However, I really didn't want to take that disgusting sugary drink and risk getting sick to my stomach. Not in the mood for that. I will post more often...However, I don't have many people reading this so I don't know if there is much of a point. I need more friends!!!!

The picture below is a pic of me at 22 weeks. I'm bigger now. I gotta put my 24 week on on my computer. I will do that and take a 26 week one on sunday. I"m trying to take one every 2 weeks.

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