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My Beta fishy just died. He lived about 2 years. Maybe a little more...Sucks. Maybe its something to do with Mercury Retrograde. Anyone else feeling the effects of it? It just started on Friday and I think it ends on October 15th. Why does it have to last such a long time! ?


Isn't Mercury Retrograde about communications? I hadn't realised it WAS retrograde, even, hmm. I guess I've lucked out so far (although teh cell phone is still mostly FUBAR--I need a new one).

Sorry about fishie, but two years is probably a lot to them. *hugs*
Yeah its about communications. Your not supposed to make any big decisions during a retrograde. Basically just be careful with anything that you have to make a decision on. I guess the fishy didn't want to communicate with life anymore :(. Oh well he had a fine life.

Mercury Retrograde: