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So, I had my baby shower this weekend! Yay! Sunday was my birthday AND my baby shower :) It was a fun day. A lot of people came and I was happy to see everyone. We painted baby pumpkins (my sisters awesome idea) and my mom was the host of a baby trivia game that we played. I only got 10 our of like 20 questions right but so did most people ha ha. I got a lot of nice gifts which I am very grateful for. My Italian Village friends got me the travel system (carseat and stroller combo) as well as some clothes and a baby bag :) My grandma got me a pack and play which came with a free umbrella stroller :) Bethany, sent me a box of a bunch of stuff from my registry, Hannah got me a baby tub, and I also got a bunch of other nice gifts that will be very helpful for the baby like a baby survival kit, and a medical type kit which will come in handy. Now that I have all this stuff, I am so excited for her to come!!!

My midwife is saying I should not be looking at my due date as (the date I should have my baby by) because if I do then I might be dissapointed if the baby comes later...that means I should be focusing on after Christmas! NO! That doesn't mean she won't come before Christmas, she just said not to get my hopes up just in case...although my hopse are still up.

I went to the midwife today, everything is normal. I am 33 weeks and I am measuring 32 weeks which is a week behind still but thats ok. The baby still seems to be head down. Her baby bum is just above my belly button and her back is on my left side which means she is on her side. Which also means that I amd definately getting "kicked" on my right sid and not punched. By 36 weeks which is in 3 weeks I have to buy all the stuff I will need for the birth as well as a birth kit I have to buy online. I don't think it will be any more than $100...at least i'm hoping it won't be. Paige said I should have all my stuff set up by 36 weeks also because I could "go" anytime after that. So, within the next 3 weeks I have to set up the Pack n' play and go over to Caleb and Trish's and pick up the cosleeper. I think i'm going to wait till shes born before bringing over the swing because I already have enough stuf around her taking up space. Trish also said I could go through Amelia's old clothes and borrow some of them. I think i'll def go over there and go through the 0-3 month old stuff just so ill have that, then after she grows out of that, i'll bring those back and get the 3-6 month stuff. I'm very thankful that Caleb and Trish are letting me borrow some of their clothes because they grow so fast!!! I got some cute outfits myself though that I will also be using. I bought the first outfit that I want her to wear which is a little pink blaketsleeper (I want her to be comfy when she gets dressed for the first time). The blanketsleeper says "honey bunny" on it and has a picture of  a bunny. My favorite part about it is the feet of the P.J's are bunnies! How cute is that? I can't wait for her to wear it. I"m so excited! :)

I also have to decide weather or not I want to get the strep test done. I think I probably will just to rule out any possible problems. Which means, I have to make another apointment with my CNM and get the test done. Its ok though cause all my prenatals there are covered through insurance with no copay! 

Anyway, must get going. Until next time!