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Stupid baby preparation list are daunting me. I feel like I have pretty much everything I need...except for a baby monitor and a video camera. However, I feel like i'm missing something. I do'nt know what though and I can't look at those stupid baby lists anymore because about half of the stuff on there is usless money wasting stuff that the baby really doesn't "NEED." So, i'm not sure what to do. I have diapers, wipes, clothes, powder, bath stuff, pack n' play with built in changer, bobby (nursing pillow), one of those carrier covers that keeps baby warm without having to put a jacket on her/him, 2 umbrella strollers, baby health kits, vibrating seat, stroller/carrier combo, blankets, bibs, etc. I think those are pretty much the essentials. I'm borrowing a cosleeper from Trish...I suppose I should get a few more sheets for it but other than that I feel that I am just going shopping for stuff that im not sure i'll actually use/need. I guess I should just wait until I actually need the stuff before I buy it. I have enough stuff for now that i'm not going to be running to the store every 2 seconds...

Well, thats the baby stuff I have, I just need to get all the birth stuff ready> Arg...