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Monday, Monday, Monday. Tomorrow I turn 34 weeks! Yay only 2 more weeks until my midwife homebirth appointment at my house! ALthough there are a few things I need to get in order before then. First of all, we need to set up all the stuff...Like the pack n' play, and I gotta ge the cosleeper...and I gotta buy a stupid birth kit plus I gotta buy a bunch of stuff for it. I'm kinda mad I have to buy all that seeing as i'm paying a midwife like $3,400.00! Can't she bring these thingS? Ugh. I love my midwife but you would think some of that money i'm paying her goes towards stuff like that. Luckly insurance is paying me back...I think! She said she is almost positive everything will get reimbursed.

Anyway, I gotta figure out what to do today. Its cold! I should probably do some grocery shopping and pick up the birth stuff and order the kit. So, i'll be going now.