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I hate playing the waiting game. I want her here now. I'm having a hard time keeping myself busy...even though I feel fine, I just don't really feel like doing anything. I'll 'want" to get up and clean and organize something but it won't end up happening. I really need to find something to do that doesn't take up too much energy but is constructive.

My plans for tomorrow and the rest of the week:

1. Put up Christmas tree
2. Decorate Christmas tree
3. Knit some more booties
4. Make orniments out of sculpey to give as gifts.
5. Clean Bathroom
6. Go to Whole Foods and buy RECHARGE (for labor)
7. Make birthing CD
8. Make an appointment to get carseat installed
9. Do some Christmas shopping
10. Midwife appointment on Tuesday

That should keep me busy for at least a little while this week.

Oh, and the name we chose for the baby has definately been decided. If your really nice to me and ask really nice, I might tell you. :)


We really want to know the name. But we understand if you don't want to tell us.
You probably won't tell me. ;)

Also, every pregnant woman starts doing the Me Want Baby NOW thing at about your stage in pregnancy. Not that knowing this will make any difference to you. I'm just sayin. :D